Hand in hand, we can bear the devastating reality. Help us save lives.

The Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui – UMC, one of the first hospitals in Lebanon, was founded in 1927 by Father Joseph Selwan Geitaoui. The hospital administration was entrusted by the founder to the Congregation of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family established by Patriarch Elias El Hoyek in 1895. 

As a multidisciplinary care hospital, the Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui – UMC is a religious nonprofit hospital with the mission to treat all patients, without exception, regardless of race, class or creed. It is a church property, a “Wakf”, and is administered as such. The medical body is carefully selected.

Founded in 1927 by Father Geitaoui

250+ Patient/Bed Capacity

Only Burn Center in Lebanon

Multidisciplinary Care Hospital